Monday, July 30, 2012

Lucky Guy

Just having fun looking at the pages on my cousin's facebook account. I can say he's lucky enough to have the intellect, the talents, and being a good father. He's a down to earth man, when he was still young he helped his family to earn a living. He used to sell firewood and marble stones so that he can help his family. They are a brood of 7 siblings and their youngest is a girl.  He graduated Marine Engineering  and currently having the highest official capacity of his company. When out of his journey at sea, he created a Lights and Sounds  as his sideline business.  His Lights and Sounds continue to soar high with so many invitations at a very reasonable price.  If you have some activities, such as fiesta, community programs, school programs, you can negotiate him at a very affordable price.

These are examples of his lightings and somewhat a very attractive, colorful one.

That's my cousin, Eddie Alberca with his Sounds and Lights.


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