Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy and Contented

I don't want to be overacting but I guess I should be happy for this another reward or shall we say privilege given by my new employer to me. I have now a service car assigned to me as mentioned in the contract. It overwhelmed me because even if I am now holding the key, I still couldn't believe what happened in my life.
God is really good all the time to those people who honestly,faithfully worshiped Him. In my whole 16 years of working in my previous employer I cannot say that I am or I was that happy enough to reward my struggles and hardships, really opposite. Anyway I promised to myself to move on and let go all the bad experiences. Being fair to them, I cannot exchange my knowledge which I've gained, the experiences that made me strong, firm especially in decision making. I really appreciate the trainings since I started until I ended working with them. Everyday is a challenge, it's just like communicating the whole world. Thus being in the consumer industry is very challenging, and exuberant. In this business, I learned how to interact different moods, approach of different people...soooo challenging. You're like a doctor seeing those suppliers on queue . I am proud to myself that I have this cool temper , patience, in dealing with them. I still can manage to smile even in the most irritating point. We don't have a choice, sell yourself so that you could sell your products. The secret for this is good communication..:)


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