Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pretty Sunday

It's Sunday and it's a rest day. I've enjoyed driving with the kids this morning and we ate at a carenderia..hehehe. I can feel the happiness of my two kids being with me for the whole day. It's our simple way of bonding, family bonding. I sometimes wished to have all the riches in the world , and will not go to work so that I could be with my children all the time but it's not that easy. We really have to work harder at all times to earn a living. How I wished , I could be the richest mother to provide everything for my kids.

As a working Mom, I did not stop planning, imagining, looking forward for the future of my children as long as I have good health and determined. They are my happiness, my inspiration. I am saddened if things went wrong especially when they got sick. I just hope and pray always that we'll have good health always. As you can see, my kids are still young, I could not accept if they could experience the hardship in our younger years. I don't want it to happen to them. But God is our weapon, He knows everything and He plans everything what is best for us.

The photo above shows the happy face of Princess while Prince was hungry, look at his face.., seems sleepy also. A mother is very quick to notice everything a child could feel. It's an instinct of a mother.


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