Sunday, August 12, 2012

Little Creatures

I drove towards home when I saw this parade of little creatures together with their mother. It looks like a duck because it has flat bill but it's not. My husband shouted, "stop", I gonna pick those little ones. Then my husband get out of the car and picked those tiny little creatures. All of them is 9 and their crossing the street on a street line, so cute and admirable. That is why  my husband tempted to catch it all. The security guard on the adjacent side of the street saw us and told my husband he wanted also to catch those small birds. My husband gave him three. We're happy but at the same time , I pity on their mother that she keeps on cackling as if looking for her little ones. It's like she's crying and looking for the little ones. Poor thing, I can relate or everyone of us can relate what happened. It was like a mother looking  for a lost child. As we arrived home, we kept the little birds, give food , so that they'll grow.

Above is the picture of  the little birds and we wanted them to grow inspite the absence of their mother.


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