Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gladly Amazed !

We used to hop churches on Sundays until we decided to hear the 10:00 o'clock  mass at Palo Cathedral. The church is so big, it's like a big palace where the King and Queen live or the Gods and Goddesses lived. We were excited then because we were hoping to see our former assigned priest in Ormoc. When the mass started and the readers' out, we're amazed and glad to see that the priest who presided the mass is our friend -priest. He's now a reverend. He's very good in all his homily. After the mass we went at the back of the church leading to the convent. My two kids hurriedly ran through him and kissed his hands. We're all very happy exchanging stories of hello, how are you, how's life? or why all of us is here in TAcloban.. Very funny meeting with this humorous priest. Until my husband offered to take pictures for us. Then our friend priest asked assistance to handle or to take pictures for us. So exciting but when the camera is ready, it says: "Warning, battery low! "..So dismayed...anyway, at least we saw him. we hear his good homily, absorbed in our minds and heart. He's no other than Rev. Martin Cubi. :)


Hi guys..Sorry for I haven't write for a long time. It's just I was having a series of work to be done even in the midst of dawning. So many changes in my daily life, routine, work, etc. With these , I have to balance everything since I almost lost hope for the situation. It was like  I was having a long sleep with a wonderful dream and when I awake, it's's only a dream. Nothing is really permanent in this world, imagine when I was hired this March, I enjoyed the privileges given by the company. I have lots of things learned, more advancement in my intellectual capacity but , it is just a shorter period of time. I want to share this to you because you are part of my daily routine as a blogger. My employer sells the operation to the other group of companies. We worried a lot because some were not absorbed, while others were absorbed with a different title. I was just thinking what lies ahead. What will be our future? Oh future...when will we be able to have a stable future? with no worries, financially stable? Only God knows. I know that these are all trials. Trials? until when? Come what may....