Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hi guys..Sorry for I haven't write for a long time. It's just I was having a series of work to be done even in the midst of dawning. So many changes in my daily life, routine, work, etc. With these , I have to balance everything since I almost lost hope for the situation. It was like  I was having a long sleep with a wonderful dream and when I awake, it's's only a dream. Nothing is really permanent in this world, imagine when I was hired this March, I enjoyed the privileges given by the company. I have lots of things learned, more advancement in my intellectual capacity but , it is just a shorter period of time. I want to share this to you because you are part of my daily routine as a blogger. My employer sells the operation to the other group of companies. We worried a lot because some were not absorbed, while others were absorbed with a different title. I was just thinking what lies ahead. What will be our future? Oh future...when will we be able to have a stable future? with no worries, financially stable? Only God knows. I know that these are all trials. Trials? until when? Come what may....


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