Thursday, August 9, 2012

All We Need Is Love

She's a girl..I heard her soft voice every morning when I go inside and in the evening when I'm out of the office. I like the color of her fur, it is orange. I can feel the softness of its fur and the murmur when I hold her. She live in our generator set with her two siblings, having a white and black fur. I am talking with a little kitten whom catches my attention because of her cry. She's the "crying kitten" among the three.  I discovered that they were all left by their mother. The three of them survive with the leftovers by some of the employees who took their meal near the generator set. I have noticed that every time I passed by that area, I cannot deny myself to feel pity on those little creatures. Yes, they are animals, and we are also animals. We differ from them because we are a rational being. Albeit they are animals they also deserve love and care. I couldn't just imagine those little children without parents, seeking food on the streets and garbages. It really pricks my heart with sadness. I don't want to see children along the streets having this muddy faces and striving for hunger. Oh God, that's what I feared of. Like the three little kittens they also deserve love and care. Let us love our children because they are the future hope of the nation.


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