Friday, July 20, 2012

^-^ Done ! ^-^

Thank God it's Friday ! It was my children's first examination (Semi Periodical examination ) in their new school. It was only two days and I really have to review and tutor them to all the test coverage. Its quite a busy day when your children got this responsibility as a student. In spite of my busy day at work, I can still manage the review for my daughter and in the morning, it is the time of my son to review before going to school  so that his mind is refreshed.

The little boy seems no exam at all as he keeps on gaming in the internet. As I asked him, he said he has a perfect score. He's indirectly conceited..hehehe.I believe him either because last year from his previous school he earned an award. The teacher was very happy because he got it and got perfect in  Math. A mother like me would be very happy if an achievement is in the hands of your children. Awaiting and anticipating good score for both of them. Its done already.


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