Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Real and True Friend

I am very much expose to the internet even then. Before, I was just a mere researcher of a newest song of my idols both foreign and local.  I'd love to copy the guitar chords so that I could play my guitar while I was still a jobless individual for eight (8) months. Not only that, I'd love to research healing herbs, play games, search for all the amazings, as they say. It's enough for me to log in facebook, and even friendster before, twitter, my space, tumbler, etc. With my interest of all these things, I don't really know about making money online until  a friend of mine confessed to me her graces in the net. I met this friend of mine while I was still connected at my previous employer as a Purchaser. At our first meeting, its just like I  lack  the "self confidence" in talking, I mean she's this kind of a tall, sexy, with a a fair complexion lady at a very young age. We have a great age gap, being the elder to her  but I realize and found out that  we could go together with our topics, we used to laugh out loud, and I could really be flexible at all times talking to her. 

One time she shared to me her love life, her work, her down moments, and she shares to me about blogging. It sounds interesting but then  during that time I don't have a computer to concentrate all these things. I mean I tried, I tried also at the net cafe paying my two hours budget of P 30.00 pesos. But sometimes because of the many things to do, I forgot to post, and then it turned out to be nothing because I already forgot my password or even my username. This friend of mine continue to encourage me until I learned that she resigned from her work to proceed another field of study. It took for about three years that we don't have a communication even in a text message. I tried to scan her name in the facebook pages but I couldn't find her name.

I resigned from my previous employer just last year, June 30, 2012. On March this year, I was hired and I am now in Tacloban City. Until one time, while I was walking at the selling area , I noticed a lady, she's tall, still fair in complexion, but I saw her sideways. When I was just a meter away fro her, I was amazed to see my friend doing shopping inside the store. By the way she's also living here in Tacloban City. I did not hesitate to approach and said: "Cathy!" ....Then she glanced at me and oh well, we shout out for joy upon seeing each other after 3 years. It's Cathy and we had a good time talking with greetings, laughing to the max and she still shares to me her lovelife, getting married to a wonderful person but her partner is a miles away apart from her. I really appreciate the gestures that I can say she's really a true friend. She shares to me again about blogging, and in fact she really helped me how to do this and how to get monetized. I am very happy of everything she shares and taught me. I owe her a lot. She is very helpful and generous. In Filipino dialect, it's "GRABE", very generous. Today I learned from my email that I already have the income. Oh my God, it's really a blessing. Cathy is the instrument given to me from God, to help us in our needs financially. For me she's the key for all these things. For me I salute to her, she's really a TRUE FRIEND. To my friend Cathy or Katy, thank you very much. God bless us all and see you at the top.


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