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Creepy and Superstitious

This is quite  superstitious to some people but it happened to us for how many times. When I get married in  1999, we rented a small house until I got pregnant. The place is quite small then we realized that we have to transfer to another place with a wider space. After 3 months we transferred to he next town and rented an apartment. It is a 5-door apartment made of wood. Adjacent to this apartment is also a series concrete house. Our rented apartment and the series houses have the same owner. The owner's house was just at the back of the series houses.
The apartment looks like this and we occupied the door number 4. Door number 5 was empty at that time. I like the place because it was peaceful, a distance from the highway and that you can sleep well at night. It is my routine to have nightly rosary and reciting the Apostle's Creed before I sleep. My husband is a salesman until now and that he never stayed longer days in the house. I have only one companion that time, the cousin of my husband. Until I gave birth to my daughter Princess, I just give the confidence to his cousin to babysit my daughter. Time flies very fast and my daughter grew faster. At 2 years old she knows how to sing "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion as if she knows how to read but she never glance the TV screen, she just memorize the lyrics. 
My brother in-law wearing yellow shirt with my husband
 It was her birthday (3 years old)  when I learned that my brother in-law is getting married because the girl is already pregnant. He confessed to us and asked a favor of staying with us together with his girlfriend. This apartment is a 2 storey door for only P 700.00 per month in 2003. I asked permission with the owner  to avoid predicaments. Lucky enough that the owner offer the next door (no.5) and set a bargain for us to pay just P 1,200.00  for door no. 4 and 5, and got a discount of P 200.00 a month.. So the new arrangement made us happier and we decided to transfer in door no. 5 because its bigger than door no. 4. The first day of stay in door no. 5 was Thursday and our room is at the second floor .It has really a bigger space compared to door no.4 and we could arrange properly all the things inside the house.

Creepy thing started when I was watching TV downstairs with my daughter and I heard heavy steps upstairs and then I could see rare  shadow reflected in the  mirror located near the divider. I don't take it seriously because I don't easily believe in ghosts. Until when we were asleep, I dreamed of  an old woman walking inside the room and watched me. In the next morning I wake up knowing that my Princess had a fever. I'ts Friday and I have to bring her to a "hilot" first. Her fever took for about four days and I was then afraid of something that is why I decided to bring her  to a doctor for a laboratory tests but the results turned to be negative.  It was her fourth day of fever the next Monday when I decided to partake a healing with my experience in "Singles for Christ" where I received the gift of vision, prophecy and healing in 1998. I think I could heal through my prayers in my own simple way. At an instance the temperature of my daughter dropped to normal and she perspired a lot. Praise God.

I went to a dream interpreter and asked her about the meaning of my dream.  She told me that it is for me to discover the secret of the apartment. I was puzzled and asked her if she knows the story. She told me also that maybe , among the 5 doors , it was only me who recite prayers.. Every dawn, I recited the rosary because I heard the dogs crying in deep horror.

The dream interpreter urge me to speak with the owner and asked the real story of the apartment and I learned that in 1994 , there was an old woman lived in door no. 5 together with her grandson whose working at PNOC or Philippine National Oil Company. This woman once asked permission to her grandson to let her go to their home province but the latter did not allow her because she is no longer strong enough to take travels. The next morning, her grandson found her hanging at the "sala" , tied her neck to an old blanket  and the other end was tied to the beam of the house. The old woman did not receive church rites upon her death because she is not a Catholic. Maybe she needs spiritual stability that is why she was making those noises upstairs and made us feel her presence.

Again I was advised to make prayers intended for her for three consecutive nights at exactly 6:00 o'clock in the evening and I was able to research her name . I was tempted by evils while I was praying, I can feel the touch , the whiz air..I am not jokin, this is a true story. But I have to concentrate in praying and I did it well. I told the owner to make a nine (9) days novena for her soul so that she could have peace already. By the way, when the other doors, knew my intentions, they're all confessing me the incidents they had experienced also. The beam of the house where she tied up her neck was the same beam from the door 1 up to 5. It was really creepy because even my brother -in- law will no longer sleep also upstairs at door 4 because they also had an experience when they saw an old woman at the kitchen. Thank God, the owner gave me the complete details of the woman, the date of her death, and thus she made a 9 days novena for her soul. Maybe all these things had happened for her to rest in peace after those long years. Then we decided to transfer again to another place.

It was then our fourth transfer when we knew from my husband's cousin that there was a house and lot for sale at a very cheap price. This is located at the relocation site where those who are victims of the flood in 1991 were relocated. This area is supposedly not for sale but the owner decide to sell for his husband's medication. We decided to buy the house and lot for three "gives" . And this is now our residence in Ormoc City. The house is so simple, 80 square meters, bungalow type. At the back of the house, there were 2 coconut trees, 1 jackfruit tree, and 2 guava tree. When we decided to extend the kitchen, we cut down all the trees and again creepy things happened again. The day we cut all the trees, we heard the back door extremely knocked at night and my husband and I thought that there was an emergency but found out nothing...Then we go back to sleep. The next morning, our neighbor told us that they thought that we're having a party that night because they heard noises and clangs of spoons and forks, plates, etc. We really don't know what they're talking about. For so many times, we experienced this kind of  horror.
The ghost which my nanny saw at the kitchen looks like this.

Until now, we're in Tacloban we experienced these things. One afternoon my son got a fever and I hurriedly went home to check his status. I saw him lying in the sofa sleeping and I made him awake to take medicines. He took the medicines and after that I saw him crying to the max, embraced me, and cried out loudly. I couldn't stop him as if he saw something, scared of something. I hold him and carry him outside the house and made him at ease then he stopped crying. The fever stopped and the next morning he's well again. The thing confuses me is his fever is nightly and in the morning he's well. I asked him why he was scared and cried loudly that night. He calmly said that he saw a ghost, a black ghost. I did not believe again but I can sense he's telling the truth. One of my clerks, shared me of a lady with a third eye. and I brought her at the house. She bring a rosary and a holy water, she can speak to the supernatural and saw the spirit that my son had told me. But according to the lady named "Shina", they have a mind to mind talk and the spirit also asked forgiveness from us because he did not intend to scare my son. It was just a shocked for him seeing us inside the house because this house was empty before and that he was the one living.. It is hard to believe but when I ask my son silently where is the ghost, he can point out the location the same with  Shina.  Then , I found out that maybe my son could see these things and good to know that he's no longer afraid. Even at my office he saw a man getting inside and out. At the back sink, he saw also a lady washing the dishes and even young children playing outside and we really don't see what he's talking about. 

These supernatural creatures really exists, I concluded. The best thing is to pray, and acknowledge their presence. So much to share but I should park my fingers to relax..


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