Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lucky Me !

Who's the great and lucky Mom? I am one of the lucky Moms in the world having these two angels who possess  great talents, excellence in school, and of course they are very much obedient , industrious, prayerful and helpful to me at their young age.

This is my son Prince. He's in Grade One now at Liceo del Verbo Divino. He's loving, very much attach to me. He's so vulnerable every time his sister teases him. He's good in Math, English and Science. He was accelerated from Nursery  to Grade One. He also liked drawings, he draws the Avengers. He is a happy child, very clever..I like the way he tricks me with his stories and smiles just to make me acquiesce of something.

This is also my princess named Princess..She's also excels in school, loves Mathematics, Science and English. She's good in painting, drawing and making comical skit at her notebook with drawings. She loves music and has the fervor in dancing. In her previous school she always performed on stage and even cheerdancing. She plays the guitar and flute and has a soprano voice quality. I like her because she understands well the essence of life at her young age. She learned how to save money, and a prayerful daughter. 
My two angels..Princess Mary IJ  and Prince JI Lord


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