Monday, July 23, 2012

2 N 1 Day

Hi there..I was absent for two days here. Its just that I was having  visitors, actually a Godmother of my daughter and her family. It was so surprising that we spend the weekend by visiting the very lengthy San Juanico Bridge and Mc Arthur's Park. The children enjoyed with their experience above the bridge of 17 feet high and it trembles when big buses passed by. My son was frightened with the heights and the flow of the water under the bridge, he fainted. We really enjoyed watching the views, the lengthy and winding bridge which connect Leyte and Samar..After that we went to McArthur's Park , having plenty of pictures with the statues. The children enjoyed a lot again. It wasn't all planned, and sometimes I could say that everything will work out just fine, will come at the right time even if you do not have a plan for a certain thing. Likewise there is also incidents in our life that , the harder we prayed , the harder we wished, if its not meant for you, then it will turned out to nothing. This is it, it happened without expectation.


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