Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Answered Prayer

Saint Anthony de Padua
It was on 1995 when our family got a very tight financial capability when my younger sister is graduating. But the problem was she had an outstanding payables to her school attended. As they say, it's hard to borrow money especially if you don't have collaterral. I was bothered then because I am very sure that we do not have the amount of P 20,000.00 that time. My mother started to pawn her share of ricefields at a very low cost of P 14,000.00, quite cheap...Until the time that my father died the same year, I mean my sister graduated on March 18, and my father died on March 23, 1995. We are on debts and it was very hard for me being the eldest. At last! after two months I landed on a job in retailing business. It's quite  difficult to adjust , to be with this kind of job but its worth fulfilling either. I've got new friends, even those  Class "A" category. I can't help it, in making friends we don't have to select the status in life, it will just come to your life. In the year 1998, I almost forgot our payables of the pawned ricefields and it had earned interests also. My mother cried on the phone for the due is getting nearer. I was quite desperate until I decided to go to church when I have my lunch break. I entered at the adoration room , I don't eat my lunch, I was there crying desperately and asked St. Anthony de Padua, our Patron Saint in Calagasan, the place where we lived  before when I was still young. I was asking for help, asking for a sign if I can have the money or I can borrow money for our problem. In the afternoon, I received a call from a friend asking for help related to his business , he came with his wife in the afternoon. It was someting about selling strategies or marketing strategy to be able them to grow the kind of business they have. I was then sharing a bit of my knowledge an unexpectedly the strategy was effective. One day, I was crying secretly and not knowing they visited my office and saw me crying. We've talked and I hesitantly share my problem because its a family problem, too personal. But then his wife insisted me to tell them the story. I considered it was a blessing because his wife offered me and  gave me the chance to borrow the amount. For me it was an answered prayer  because it has signs before it was granted. The best and unforgettable part was after the day that they lend me the money, I think its about a  week they  flew to the States and until now, we don't have communication even in facebook. But I heard them through a friend also. They lived happily there and I concluded that , a helping hand got more graces from the Lord.


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