Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Put to the Test

It was on Monday that my daughter handed me the scholarship form for Philippine Science High School. It was given to her by her teacher . This is an application form for the entrance examination for secondary level by 2013 and should be done on September 29.  Actually we really aimed to let our daughter take the examination because aside from her excellence in school, it has good privileges to the students offered. We filled it up and secure the necessary requirements like a 1X1 photo, signature from the guidance office, registrar's office and the last is the Principal because the next day will be the deadline.  I really don't know that that the parents will be the one to submit it to the PhilSci campus. I was confident also that it  should be somebody in her school to submit the form. The next day, my daughter called me up through the telephone and told me that it should be me to submit the form. I was so panicked because it's the last day and she informed late in the afternoon at 5:30. Because of that, we went together to the school the following morning to let the Principal sign the form because it was still empty. The Principal's secretary collected the form  and told me that we should submit a certification from the previous school indicating her final grade in overall Grade Five, her ranking in overall grade five, for the school year 2011-2012. By the way, we are required for this because we are transferee here. I was quite in dismay and disappointed because it's already late and I still have to request those things. On the other hand , my husband is in Ormoc City for his route as a salesman, I texted him to approach the school for the requirements and let those requirements be sent here via travelling van of Ormoc -Tacloban route. I waited the van to get the requirements and after that I hurriedly proceed to the Principal's office. Immediately the principal signed it and the next challenge which quite unsure if PhilSci would still accept the application form because we are already late in submission. I scanned through the directory and search for the telephone number of PhilSci-Palo , Leyte Campus. There I found the number and called up the facilitator for the purpose of asking if our form would still be accepted. I need to know this for a definite and final decision to go to the campus. I need a positive recommendation from them. But it took  me for how many calls and the one answered keeps telling me that the facilitator was still outside of the office. I never stop calling, I never surrender until the last call, the opposite end  gave  me the facilitator's cellphone number so that I could contact him. I texted him immediately without any hesitation asking if we're still be accepted an an applicant. He replied to me saying : "just to come over to the office. "
In this statement, I know that I am already got a 90 %  chance to be accepted. I hurriedly go to the campus and proceeded to the office. There, I met the facilitator, got some interviews, and he issued the examination permit. My heart was filled with joy and had slight tears n my eyes because of happiness. I leave the PhilSCi office with a smile and very thankful to God.

I our life we met challenges always. It is up to us how to deal and tackle for all these challenges. This is a good example of  a challenge. Imagine, for my busy activity at the working area, not to mention the paper works, I still have the time to manage these things. I am also thankful to our boss for  understanding our situation. In every one's journey in life, we are always put to the test !  


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