Monday, July 16, 2012

Father Dear ^_^

Father and Daughter Tandem
Hey guys. I just want to share with you about a father of two children, no other than my husband. He's younger than me for about four years and when I first gave birth to my daughter, I thought he couldn't cope up with the pressure as a father. That was the time he learned to wash our clothes, cook our food, and even go to the market. He was very excited as he saw his first baby, a pretty little baby. As our baby grow for about 6 months, he's more than a mother because he would try to pamper the baby as more than I could do. He bought so many CD tapes, and play those CD's while the baby is in side the crib. Not only that, a lot of nursery rhymes had been prepared. He told me that he really like baby girl. Until now we've got jealous sometimes as he really have the sense of loving more  to my daughter than my son. I don't know if I am correct but I could see him very close to my daughter. The second time I got pregnant, he was so excited because he wanted a baby boy for he has a reason that he would have a companion as he grow older. He joked as :" I hope it's a boy so that I could have a partner in drinking "tuba". Tuba is a native wine,from a coconut tree with its sweet aroma. When I had my first ultrasound, it was 7th month old inside he was very happy upon knowing that it's a boy. I texted him and said: It's a boy because the doctor said she saw the testes..hehe. He called up and laugh out loudly. Until the baby born and really it is a boy. He found out that the baby has two dimples and a fair complexion. At last he had already a companion as what he wanted..
They were really good companion now

During Sundays, he would install his sound system and let her Princess sing. Likewise my son has a good voice too. My husband  is very skillful and he introduced a lot of things to my children. During summer, they play kite flying, motoring, and strumming guitar. He is a guitarist in our Church because our family is a choir member. He has a lot of friends in sales, because he is very talkative, witty, and funny. Being a father he's also temperamental. He is easy to be angry especially if the children forgot to do their assignment in school or the children forgot to tell me the requirements of a certain project. For him , time is gold. He hates me for being late sometimes. I think, he is a good father to my kids, being a loving father to them, good providr to them, and pampered a lot to my children. ^ - ^...


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