Sunday, July 15, 2012

Unexpected !

I just want to share something personal. We are five siblings and I am the eldest. Among us five, only me got married. Before that, in October 2007 we all went to Cebu for the arrival of my cousin's family from the States.We have lots of gifts from my cousin and we're all happy. We visit the house where my other siblings lived with my mother. My brother was a seafarer before but bad fate had happened to him in Japan and it turned out to be a desperate  experience for him. He was just living in the house desperate, as if life stopped for him. Good for him that every time I would  advise him, he would listen to me as he believes what I said. I kept on encouraging him so that life must go on for him. He just read, and read, and read to the max. His mind was very full in knowledge. I admired him because he is very thrifty and knows how to managed his money.

In January 2008, I received a text message  that my brother had a fever because of his insect bite at the nape. My mother and a sister brought him to a doctor and received medications. They thought that he would be well again. On the last or fifth week  of January, it was Tuesday he said to my mother : " Mom, I want to go to Argao because I will go with Papa. My father died on MArch 23, 1995. Then my mother was puzzled and said: "Just stay here because I will be the one to pay the taxes of our land". My brother insisted and said: Mom, just stay, I'll go there to meet Papa..The fever continue to rise even with medications, with a reddish spots at the nape. It has an infection already, maybe. Until on the Thursday morning, my sister texted me that they brought him to the hospital and will undergo series of laboratory tests. Uneasy as I am , my mind is closed in thinking because of my brother's situation and I didn't receive any text messages until in the evening  I was the one who texted my sister and asking the situation. My sister just answered in a text message saying he expires at 3 p.m. Puzzled with the word "expire" , I texted, called but no one answered. Until the next Friday morning I called my sister again, and I was angry then because they don't provide me exact details. After all we've talked and heard my sister crying and told me all the details. The word "expire" means: My brother died at 3:00 in the afternoon. I was burst into tears and asked  why????Why this things happened to him? It is "Sepsis" according to the doctor. Before he died, he had seizures at the emergency room according to my sister and my mother angrily shouts the doctor and even until now, my mother is angry with the doctors. My sister then told me: "Ate, it was you, the first person I texted, so that you will know". But, I don't received any text message that afternoon.. Of all the relatives , even in Mindanao knew it that day. Why is it that I was the last person to know? It was all unexpected because my brother has a chubby built and no one would expect him that way. Maybe he doesn't want me to know because I have a weak  emotion. I am easy to cry, very sensitive. For Him, may He rest in peace, he has been a big help in the family when he was still alive.


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