Monday, July 2, 2012

So Loved !

I can never say "thank you" enough for the many blessings we have right now. I can never stop thanking to the Lord for what He has done to our lives. I was born in poverty, my mother also was born in poverty. I could easily understand and value money even then. I don't want to waste money for no reason.  During my Primary grade, I hardly had  to get an allowance or a penny in my pocket. One time I was able to pick 10 centavos in my mother's purse to buy an egg chocolate. I was afraid but I can't help it because I really like chocolates. To make me satisfied, my father then cooked a coconut candy and roll it into small strips and roll in a japanese paper. He told me to sell those coconut candies at school so that I can have money. What I did, I put the money  inside an empty Johnson's baby powder as my piggy bank...That was a start of saving for us siblings and so did my sisters and brother, they had also this stuff-an emty Johnson's baby powder used as a piggy bank. In my school time in general was very hard until I reach college as a working student. I really had to admit the hard times tending responsibilities while studying but it's quite rejoicing when I made it after with Academic recognition being one of the Dean's list. I am proud to have a certificate for my excellence even in my hectic, hard time in studying. With this experience, I promise to myself then that if I got married, I will try my best to give my children the things they want, I don't want the same thing would happen to them when they study. Praise God when I get married, my husband and I have work. Currently my children is enrolled to a private school since they were in Pre elementary grades. But sometimes we really couldn't say it's always a sunny day. It was then when I resigned from my previous employer which it took 16 years in loyal, honest, service but no availment of  separation pay. I cried to the max even the time when I wrote a letter to my employer , asking for a separation pay but no reply at all. Anyway, its their principle.  I resigned on June 30, 2011 with empty pockets, no bank savings at all. Imagine, it was school opening when I resigned and it was only my husband had the income. What I did, I handled tutorial services to few elementary children with a pay of P 1,000.00 a month per child.  This amount is obviously cannot compensate with the needs we want, unlike before. My children used to expect something, a food, a toy, etc.when I arrived home from work. But its really different, a feeling of guilt is always im my heart and mind when I saw my children longing for someting which I couldn't give. I cried at night praying to God if I could still find a job or a business. It's quite difficult to start a business because I don't have the money to invest even a very simple business. It was all about my wish, my petition, my prayer to have a worth-working job again during the Christmas masses so called "Simbang Gabi". The Lord did not failed to give me the things I want, He had given me this worth of a kind job. I can say , this is my reward to all my hardships before. This is a blessing to the family because I can provide exactly what my children wants. My daughter could understand my feelings , she herself helped me in household chores and she indeed is a very prayerful child. She told me that she will never stop thanking to the Lord for the graces received. My son also, I know that he's still young at 6 years old and couldn't appreciate yet but at least they are all loved.  I love my children and every  loving mother is always after for the happiness of their children. We love our children very much because they are our precious gift from above.


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