Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Prince

My Prince is a very loving, thougtful, smart little boy.
I'm gonna share you this stuff..My little boy was so curious talking with the telephone. He wanted to call his Lola in Cebu. As he scanned the list on top of the unit he saw the word "MAMA" and the telephone number. The word "MAMA" refers to my Mother-in-Law and her number on it. Upon reading it he thought that it was his Lola's number in Cebu. Without hesitation he dialed and looked for his Lola saying: Hello, Can I talk to Lola Dals?" A low tone voice of a man responded and said:: "Oh , who is this? "...he said, I'm Prince..The man replied: "Who's Prince?".."Prince Quiroz, the son of Mama Irma Quiroz"..So the old man said: Ah, Prince Ji Lord..This is your Lolo Ruben in Ormoc City". My little boy laugh out oud of what he had done. Arriving home from work he shares to me the incident and he's laughing to the max while talking. I can see his innocence and honesty. I ask him why he wanted to talk with his Lola and he told me that he missed his Lola, He wanted an "Iron Man" robot from his Lola that is why he called his Lola.


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