Saturday, June 23, 2012


It was such a fulfilling day with my co-employees doing "Fire Drill" this morning before the store opens. It was their first experience after six years in business. I really don't know how they manage themselves with the Bureau of Fire Protection without having a fire drill for the past 5 years in business. Anyway, the teams are now aware of the precautions during the lecture yesterday and a drill this morning. Everybody acted so naturally as if firefighting in the real scene. I am very thankful for the accomplishment since this is one of the requirements to secure a permit. In my part, it was just a normal experience because I was with the same nature of business for the past 16 years at my previous employer. We are rated almost perfect, it was such a wonderful experience for the teams; having excitement, fear, fun, etc..Anyway , congratulations to us.!


Lina Gustina said...

Came here to visit u back, Irma.
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Happy weekend :)

ivory tower said...

Hi Lina..Thank you for visiting my site. God bless you!

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