Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lots of Love

It's a cloudy day and I have to rush out for work to escape the "soon to pour" rain. The City fiesta is fast approaching and I hope it will not rain. There are plenty of activities in the city, also in school. I have to make sure that my children will not be late for the flag ceremony due to street's re-routing. Anyway, no more classes tomorrow and it's their time to relax at home playing games, watching their favorite CD's..How I wish if I have the money  and all the time, it'll be easier for me to bond with my children. I really love them. I want to eat well, relax well. I want them to be happy, and well. I wish for a healthy body for them. I need to nurture them even if I'm working. All I want is to be always a good mother for them, a provider, a friend to them. I can see their faces when I arrive home from work, very happy and it seems that they felt safe if I'm with them.


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