Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Caring for My Sick Child

I was in the middle of a negotiation when my eldest daughter called up by phone telling me that her younger brother has a fever. Well I thought that he's fine already by drinking his medicines this morning while preparing for school. Upon hearing the information I rushed to the Apartment and comforted him.It was such an abrupt illness and I've found out that he has this running nose and a cough . By the way he has a history of an Asthmatic attack last year that's why I'm always afraid if he's sick. Being a mother, its a very challenging rule and it is a forever adjustment and patience  especially in caring your sick child. You should be in love of your children no matter how they are , tehy're still angels made in heaven.,sweet, kind, innocent.I really love my childen and I don't want them to suffer sickness.Without loving them, it means nothing whatever you do in your life. And understand whenever you love your child or not, somehow deep in your child's heart, they will love you forever whenever they are loved, or not.


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