Thursday, June 28, 2012

Disheartened !

I really had to admit that I cannot hide my emotions. I was talking with my husband about the topic related to a person's achievement in school and others. It's all about students, attitude, quality of study, etcetera. I had the opinion that it is not the school that really counts, its also the student itself. Because there are some students even if they graduated in a high profile and reputable school but still , they're really not that good in communicating or approaching ..In short, the student or the person itself  is the one  responsible to build his/her  future because education starts at home. 

We are 5 siblings in my family and our youngest graduated Electrical Engineering in one of the schools in Cebu. I cannot say that this school is the super "sikat" in the island but my brother did it well. He is really good in her studies, he's very articulate and very good in Math. I sometimes confide to him everytime my daughter had an assignment in Math especially "mixture problems". My brother is also not unemployed because of the so called CHD or Coronary Heart Disease found in him. I understand the situation, I wanted to help him by initiating a small business but still it's a plan because of the lack of financial capability. I pitied on him because he  is intellectually gifted but cannot land for a job. 

With the topics we shared with my husband, it ended up with an unfair mark. He is blaming my brother of being unemployed. He told me, it's a waste of time for my brother by not working.He added that if by chance an opportunity for my brother comes, he just let go for it. I  was saddened with the negative mark and I was not expecting he'll be talking to me that way because , lawfully my brother is considered as his brother.. He further told me that even if my brother has CHD , he's supposed to work for the family. By the way, my brother is still single by the age of 33. This is not the first time did my husband told me about the situation of my brother. Of course, I am hurt...It's because, my husband really don't know the real situation, the real story of my brother.Thus, I told him::" Why do you keep on blaming my brother?", you really don't know...He replied, I just want him to have a job for your mother and for subsistence.." .Then I told him: Why? does my brother asked for a financial assistance from us? Why are you bothered that way? Let him go, it's his decision not to work, he has his own principle. We cannot urge him to work for his situation." The employer will require physical exams and obviously he will not make it to pass as part of the company. The worst thing when my husband told me this way: "Why am I going to give assistance to your family? or to your brother? should I? They're not my relative! This is the very worst line I've heard from him, it sounds like  he did not not accept my family for all this years. I was hurt, disheartened, really I am very hurt and burst into tears..I really did not expect his words and I cannot accept it. What a bad morning...


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